156 Energy and the Environment Laboratory, University Park, PA 16802

The Deployable Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratory (DEESL) was created to provide faculty researchers, student researchers, and industry partners with cutting-edge field equipment. The DEESL facility houses deployable field sampling equipment for a variety of environmental applications that are made available to researchers on an as needed basis. All instruments are calibrated and maintained by our laboratory personnel and are made available for pick up from the Materials Research Laboratory upon request. Users will receive training basics for equipment operation and will be provided written standard operating procedures. Field assistance is also available upon request.

Internal Rate: 
Equipment time: $7.50/hour; Operator time (field assistance): $36.51/hour
External Academic Rate: 
Equipment time: $11.77/hour; Operator time (training): $57.28
External Non-Academic Rate: 
Equipment time: $12.14hour; Operator time (training): $59.11/hour