Land & Water Research Building, Hastings Road, University Park, PA

The Water Quality Laboratory is equipped with a full range of analytical instruments used for specific water analyses such as pH, alkalinity, acidity, specific conductance, sulfates, turbidity, chlorides, various forms of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. To ensure the highest quality of data, our laboratory follows Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition. All analyses are performed following quality assurance and quality control guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Quality control data are provided to our lab users, along with detailed results for your water samples.

Our laboratory emphasizes student training, and working with faculty, staff and outside agencies to advance their research capabilities. Our Water Quality Laboratory offers:

  • Skilled and experienced laboratory chemists
  • Opportunities for student researchers, undergraduate and graduate, to receive training and perform their own analyses at reduced rates
  • Laboratory space to prepare and store client water samples

Laboratory facility tours are available to faculty and students, upon request. Faculty interested in scheduling a hands-on student class session should contact Odette Mina for additional information and to make scheduling arrangements. 

Guidelines for Laboratory Safety Training: Due to COVID-19 guidelines, (EESL laboratories are not conducting any student training at this time.

Sample Submission

COVID-19 Return to Research

During COVID-19 pandemic and the return to research, please use the Submission Form for samples.