Academic Research Services Order (ARSO)

Partners external to Penn State, academic and industrial, will need to complete an ARSO.

Links to the forms that need to be completed, as well as guidelines regarding execution of the paperwork are listed below:
Academic Research Services Order (ARSO) Form:
ARSO Instruction Sheet:
External User Term Sheet:
New User Form:
The original signature version of the form(s) is not necessary to execute the paperwork; completed forms can be submitted via email  Please note: the ARSO requires an Authorized Organizational Representative’s signature on page 1.
By signing the Academic Research Services Order (ARSO) agreement, you are:
1.        Acknowledging you are aware that it may be possible to conduct some of your research at a commercial lab for comparable prices, however you recognize a benefit for collaboration with Penn State that is not available to you at commercial labs.  Such benefits might be scheduling, personal visits during experimental procedures, specific or unique expertise, specific contacts, personal training, and self-operation of instruments, etc.
2.        Executing a cost reimbursable contract, agreeing to Penn State’s terms and conditions, taking responsibility for any and all costs incurred, regardless of outcome, and acknowledging that you understand that research results are not guaranteed.  It is often impossible to plan the direction a research and development project will take, therefore any formal estimate of costs provided by Penn State or any estimated costs declared on the ARSO do not enforce any firm limits on expenditures on your part or obligate Penn State to monitor your incurred costs.