EESL, a shared multi-user research facility, is always seeking and encouraging Penn State faculty to propose new instruments. We are always working on developing and maintaining a prioritized list of instruments for energy and environmental scientists that we highlight for purchase and placement in EESL.

We encourage faculty to send suggestions for instrumentation that would significantly enhance energy and environmental research on campus. The process by which EESL evaluates proposed instruments for purchasing in accordance with the draft process highlighted below.  To recommend purchase of a new instrument, please submit your request and include all the details outlined "Decision Process" outlined below to the attention of Odette Mina, EESL Managing Director,

Proposed New Instruments Decision Process PDF

The EESL advisory committee members are always available for consultation about instrument needs. Our goal is to always have a list of prioritized equipment needs in the area of energy and environmental science that EESL can work with to move toward acquisition.

EESL Advisory Committee

Matthew Fantle Advisory Committee Chair Associate Professor Dept. of Geosciences 814-863-9968
Nathaniel Warner Advisory Committee Co-Chair Assistant Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering 814-865-9423
Susan Brantley Director of Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories Distinguished Professor Dept. of Geosciences 814-865-1619

Tom Richard

Director of Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment

Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering 


Odette Mina Managing Director of the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories   Office of the Vice President for Research 814-865-0002
Douglass Kennett Department Head Professor of Anthropology Dept. of Anthropology 814-867-0005
Heather Gall   Assistant Professor  Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Natural Resource Engineering 814-863-1817
Jose Fuentes   Professor of Meteorology Dept. of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science 814-863-1585
David Eissenstat Chair of Ecology Intercollege Graduate Degree Program Professor of Woody Plan Physiology Department of Ecosystem Science and Management 814-863-3371
Jason Kaye   Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Management 814-863-1614
Patty Hickman Managing Director of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment   Office of the Vice President for Research 814-863-0292