Equipment full name: 
TSI Nanoscan SMPS nanoparticle sizer 3910 and Optical Particle Sizer


This portable, real-time instrument combines the NanoScan SMPS and the Optical Particle Sizer to quickly and accurately measure particles ranging three orders of size magnitude from 10 nanometers to 10 micrometers.


  • Two measurement modes:
  1. Scan real-time size distributions
  2. Single size concentration monitoring
  • Measures concentrations up to 1,000,000 partciles per cubic centimeters

Example Applications:

  • Point source identification
  • Nanotechnology/nanoparticle applications
  • Indoor/outdoor air quality investigations
  • Combustion/emission research

Rental Cost includes

  • Written standard operating procedures
  • Training on use, calibration, and maintenance as appropriate (as needed-depends on length of rental period)
Internal Rate: 
Equipment time: $7.50/hour; Operator time (field assistance): $36.51/hour
External Academic Rate: 
Equipment time: $11.77/hour; Operator time (training): $57.28/hour
External Non-Academic Rate: 
Equipment time: $12.14/hour Operator time (training): $59.11/hour