Equipment full name: 
LI-COR Inc./LI-6400XT


The LI-6400XT is a gas exchange system that computes photosynthesis from differences in CO2 and H2O between in-chamber conditions and pre-chamber conditions. This system provides laboratory quality measurements in a field-portable system.


  • Gas analyzers are located in the sensor head, minimizing time delays
  • Measures fluorescence and gas exchange simultaneously over the same leaf area with full control of environmental variables
  • Measures small photosynthesis rates and CO2 exchange

Example Applications:

  • The instrument can be used in environments ranging from the moist tropics to the dry arctic
  • Chlorophyll photosynthesis
  • Grassland photosynthesis
  • Ecological surveys
  • Entomology
  • RespirationThick leaves
  • Turf
  • Soil flux
  • Bryophyte
  • C4 photosynthesis

Rental Cost includes

  • Written standard operating procedures
  • Training on use, calibration, and maintenance as appropriate (as needed-depends on length of rental period)
Internal Rate: 
Equipment time: $7.50/hour; Operator time (field assistance): $36.51
External Academic Rate: 
Equipment time: $11.77/hour; Operator time (training): $57.28/hour
External Non-Academic Rate: 
Equipment time: $12.14/hour; Operator time (training): $59.11/hour