Contact for this Instrument: 

Jeremy Harper

Equipment full name: 
California Analytical Instruments (CAI)/Model 1412 configured for bench-top operation


The INNOVA can be used to measure any gas with an IR absorption spectrum


  • Measures up to five gases plus H2O
  • Measures numerous IR-absorbing gases
  • Sensitivity levels ranging from ppb to %
  • High accuracy with minimal interference from non-measured gases
  • Temperature and pressure compensation

Example Applications

  • Stack gases
  • Fermentation/greenhouse gases
  • Livestock emissions monitoring
  • VOC/THC analysis
  • Trace gas analysis


Rental Cost includes

  • INNOVA 1412 @ $60/day, $300/week. Note: INNOVA is calibrated and maintained by DEESL personnel
  • Written standard operating procedures
  • Training on use, calibration, and maintenance as appropriate (as needed-depends on length of rental period)



Internal Rate: 
Equipment time: $7.50/hr, Operator time: $36.51/hr.
External Academic Rate: 
Equipment time: $11.77/hr, Operator time: $57.28/hr.
External Non-Academic Rate: 
Equipment time: $12.14/hr, Operator time: $59.11/hr.