Accelerator Mass Spectrometer

Description: The 1.5 SDH-1 Pelletron Accelerator runs on a 40-sample MC-SNICS ion source modified with a spherical ionizer operating at high cathode voltage (7 kV). Injector modifications include the addition of a second einzel lens, an increased ion source voltage from 47.5 to 50.5 kV combined with a redesigned large gap injector magnet. These alterations allow for analytical error in the 2–3‰ range for near-modern samples under currents of up to 225 μA of 12C–. Sample sizes of 0.7mg C are routine, with somewhat lower precision on samples smaller than 0.3mg C.

MicroCT Scanner

The GE v|tome|x system is a dual-tube system equipped with a 300kV unipolar microfocus X-ray tube, a 180kV nanofocus X-ray tube with transmission target assembly, and a GE DXR250 high-contrast digital flat panel detector. The high-energy xs|300 d unipolar 300kV, 500W X-ray tube uses a tungsten reflection target system. This X-ray tube allows CT imaging of a range of object sizes and densities at high-resolution with a maximum feature detectability of 1 mm.