The Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories

The Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories (EESL) are shared multi-user instrumentation facilities at Penn State that tie together world-class instrumentation and expertise in a broad array of analytical techniques covering materials in all phases. EESL was created to offer researchers the opportunity to work with cutting-edge research equipment in the areas of energy and the environment.

In addition, EESL is available to industry professionals who need to utilize state-of-the-art instrumentation and offers technical support personnel who can assist with the testing. 

EESL provides a single administrative structure of shared instrumentation, space, funding and experienced researchers and promote excellent science and education in the arena of energy and environmental sustainability.

EESL is a part of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment (IEE), which is focused on transforming data into knowledge and using that knowledge to make positive impacts in our communities and across the world. EESL is one way that IEE hopes to support researchers at the University, as well as other academic institutions.  

EESL extends the analytical capabilities of your research group, providing quick access to instrumentation and experienced researchers. Our researchers can work with faculty and students to help design field and laboratory research design, as well as conduct sample analysis. In addition, our researchers are also available to train students on modern techniques and state-of-the-art instrumentation.

EESL Shared Values

  • We seek to enable exciting and important research in an environment that puts education of students first (we value research in partnership with education).
  • We want to reward excellence in research and teamwork in the past as a harbinger for the future (we value records of accomplishment).
  • We seek to make the whole better than the individual sum of the parts (we value investments for the team).
  • We promote bandwagon and non-bandwagon research (we value both the majority and minority).
  • We seek ways to share instrumentation to keep costs down (we value using money wisely).
  • We seek to reward those who have sought funding (we value both thoroughbreds and workhorses).
  • We want to grow our junior faculty and help faculty from under-represented groups (we value diversity of personnel).
  • We want pragmatic investing in infrastructure that allows us to excel within our niche, but daring in growing our niche when we can see potential growth in the future (we need to invest strategically).
  • We need to sometimes attract or retain talent.
  • We need to ask, are there other sources of funds or is this the only place for funds.